History of Phytosalus

We are an NGO, which started as a Cooperative in Burkina Faso, more specifically in the town of Pabré. Officially founded in 1993 by Father César and his five first collaborators. On May 25, 1999, Phytosalus obtained the status of Ngo, thus consecrating its nature as an association of public usefulness. Therefore, it is willing to work in cooperation for the implementation of microprojects for the benefit of the poor masses in general and the development of African ethnomedicine in particular. It has helped to establish networks and collaboration of traditional therapists. Now it tries to give itself the human and material means to deepen his action in favor of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacopoeia.

Ethics and work of our NGO

Currently in Phytosalus, we have a laboratory for the preparation of improved African Traditional Medicines, in a multi-use center in Pabré. Our headquarter is in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, besides we have branches in the national territory and abroad.
In addition to contributing to the creation and operation of networks and associations of traditional therapists, Phytosalus as Ong, is now a privileged collaborator, with organizations and public health institutions involved in development programs.
In Phytosalus, we also preserve the existing species in the area, we present the medicinal plants most used by the NGO, with ecological treatment. Phytosalus is prepared to receive any technical or financial support for its development

Our relationship with the Environment and Mother Nature

Man, an element of nature, must know its place and its role in the ecosystem. It is necessary to use one’s intelligence to integrate and complete the action of the natural law and not to counteract it. The vegetable and animal kingdom, climate and relief, time and space contain mysteries, as well as knowledge. The plant is a living being. The medicinal plant, like all existing ones, is the seat of a tutelary force with which other beings exchange through these plants. This is how the whole nature is organized (harmonized) and helps each other to live and allow each one to fulfill his part and his time on this earth. We adhere to this vision of the world and nature, and we put our action in this perspective. And, as our founder Father César says:

“Where the disease is, God has put the remedy”


Foto de algunos de los miembros de Nuestra Gran Familia el día 3 de Enero en nuestra Asamblea General Anual